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Discover how SASI World, with its wealth of experience, transforms airports globally. From underutilized hubs to overcapacity challenges, SASI World redefines efficiency and profitability. Join the aviation evolution.

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Picture this: in a bustling and hot cargo terminal where time is of the essence, cargo agents enter the warehouse, some with sneakers and one suspiciously hiding their badge while looking for a lost consignment. The warehouse has no big doors, so two trailer trucks wait next to a Boeing 747-400F to be loaded with two large cargo pieces. Also, next to the plane’s envelope is a dumpster and a guy on a forklift who haphazardly drags a cookie sheet with trash on it, leaving a trail of chipped concrete on the ramp covered with debris. It’s also passing over a hydraulic spill, partly covered with sawdust, spreading it over the NLVR (non-license vehicle service road). He is trying to dump what’s left of the trash on the sheet into the dumpster.

I could go on, but someone would say I am pointing the finger. Such an airport needs help. I have been there where there is just too much happening to solve everything. Luckily for me, at the time, I had access to advisors from SASI World. They helped my air cargo operation to shine, given their expertise. SASI World orchestrated a seamless operation, streamlining the cargo logistics at my airport, reducing turnaround times, and optimizing storage capacities. They trained stakeholders, helping everyone to understand the value of air cargo to their city, region, and country.

In August 2023, SASI World launched its Smart Cargo Airports™” product, bringing all its strategies into one package that we offer to all airports. This is a testament to SASI World’s commitment to revolutionizing air cargo services and every facet of airport operations, creating a paradigm shift in the industry’s conventional wisdom. In an era where airports face the alternate challenge of being either underutilized or overburdened, SASI World emerges as the beacon of change. Much like the aviation landscape it transforms, SASI World’s approach to efficiency and profitability transcends traditional norms.

“Beja – Portugal’s ghost airport. Why?”: The Underutilized Airports

I have recently moved to Portugal as my second home base apart from Atlanta. My Portuguese friends involved in trade in air cargo-reliant goods tell me they hope to see more air service at the Beja Airport in Portugal. It’s presently operated by VINCI, an airport concessions management group. Despite its potential, Beja remains underutilized, a fact gleaned from various press reports. I know there are many opinions on what to do with an airport so far from the tourist action on the coast. Perhaps it would make a good air cargo logistics hub. The industries that would proliferate around this infrastructure would bolster the economy of Portugal, providing jobs and boosting VINCI’s revenues. The cost of such inefficiencies, both in terms of revenue and untapped business potential, is staggering.

SASI World can enter the void armed with its multinational team of aviation advisors. Our success stories are woven into the fabric of airports worldwide, turning underutilized spaces into bustling hubs of activity. The key lies in our ability to identify and implement cost-saving technologies like airport community systems, train airport stakeholders, and network airports we work with to encourage greater air service and provide leadership advice that doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them. The Portuguese authorities in the Ministry of Infrastructures and Housing responsible for aviation should contact SASI for a preliminary discussion.

Overcrowded Skies: The Pitfalls of Overcapacity

Conversely, airports grappling with overcapacity could face safety concerns and often suffer from delays on both air and landside. The scenario I mentioned above is a real airport, but I would rather not say the name because we are here to help, not shame. The strain on resources and potential revenue loss is a pressing issue. High staff turnover due to low wages, poor training, and poor use of technology are common features. SASI World understands this predicament intimately, having navigated the complex world of airport and airline management firsthand.

Our approach is holistic, addressing the pain points of airports through a combination of experience-driven strategies and cutting-edge technology. Unlike other aviation consulting firms, SASI World doesn’t just offer advice on air cargo services; our expertise spans the entire spectrum, including airport city development. This comprehensive approach stems from our vast network of advisors who have been in the trenches, just like you.

Antanov 124, being loaded with big cargo.

Ease of Mind, Less Stress: SASI World’s Promise

For airport leaders, the journey can be tumultuous, but SASI World acts as a reliable ally. We’ve been there, and we understand the intricacies of your challenges. Our commitment is to make your business simple, headache-free, and, most importantly, profitable.

The benefits of choosing SASI World extend beyond the balance sheet. Airport leaders can breathe easily, knowing that their facilities are operational and optimized for success. Passenger service tend to follow successful air cargo operations, and SASI also has experience in passenger air service development. We aim to facilitate businesses utilizing cargo services to experience a seamless journey, translating into happier customers and increased loyalty. Your airport’s success will help market itself.

A Network that Transcends Boundaries

What sets SASI World apart is our expansive network of advisors. We don’t consult; we collaborate with leadership as advisors. In an industry where collaboration is key, our ability to provide insights and solutions in all aspects of aviation sets us apart. From logistics to strategy and advice on infrastructure development, SASI World is your go-to partner.

Contact SASI World for Aviation Excellence

If you’re an airport leader, board member, or government official responsible for civil aviation, and you are seeking a transformative partnership, look no further. For more information on our work, including our groundbreaking “Smart Cargo Airports™” product, SASI World invites you to contact me through the contact form below or our main email at I will schedule a video call with our advisors for a first no-commitment consultation. Let us embark on a journey to elevate your airport’s efficiency, reduce stress, and enhance profitability. After all, SASI World does the background work for you, ensuring that your success story soars above the clouds.

Explore our collection of insightful whitepapers—including the latest on airport security—by our advisors. Access them through this link at no cost.

Thera Solutions Group provides its aviation advisory service in partnership with SASI World.

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